Lean Startup

Lean Startup Workshop

Using concepts from Eric Ries in his book, "The Lean Startup", this workshop helps large companies reinvent new product development to increase their success rate. Startup businesses also benefit from the workshop since it provides a set of tools & principles that help better decision making around the 'continue or stop' decision.

Large companies suffer in that their size and bureaucracy get in the way of speed and efficiency when it comes to new product development. The workshop will help participants identify where they can minimize unnecessary processes and procedures and test new ideas quickly so allowing companies to learn fast and move forward. Your customers need you to bring new products and services to market, quickly and efficiently. They need to be more involved in your new product development process to drive faster and better innovation. This workshop will help.

Workshop Learning Outcomes

  • How to create a simple, clear definition of the challenge/ issue from the customer's point-of-view.
  • How to identify a range of solutions that meets the customer's challenge.
  • How to identify key assumptions that are critical to the success of your solution.
  • How to validate your assumptions with a 'product' that achieves maximum learning from customers with the least amount of development resources, effort and time.
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your 'product' in testing and validation of your assumptions. How to assess if you are making¬†progress, based on customer feedback
  • How to determine whether to continue with your strategy or to change course or even stop.
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