1. Evaluation of the client's needs

2. Bespoke solution design

3. Solution execution

Ranjit Das Consulting: organisation development, executive coaching & lean startup coaching

Organisation Development

I am driven by a passion for helping Businesses get the best from their people. I assist clients to successfully manage their business by offering the following services:


- Change management

- Group problem solving
- Talent management
- Team development
- Customised training

Lean startup

GE was one of the first industrial companies to encompass the ideas of Eric Ries and his approach to treating new product development as experiments.


The results of the 'Fastworks' program have been extraordinary for GE. As a master-trainer and coach I trained over 1000 GE leaders on the Lean Startup methodology and now coach external clients.

Executive coaching

With increasing seniority comes more and more ambiguity and complexity – and less and less support to deal with them. During my time as an Executive Coach in GE I supported leaders to: 

- Increase their performance. 

- Develop their capabilities and personal awareness. 

- Boost their confidence and enjoyment. 

- Raise their motivation and sharpen their focus. 


The exact shape and flow of every coaching assignment is as different as each client but all will include helping clients: 

- Identify what is at the heart of the issue. 

- Clarify what area of development they want to focus on. 

- Examine options for moving forward.  

- Create and implement achievable plans for reaching the client’s goals.  

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